About KIN

KIN is a style collective at Northwestern University.

Our vision stems from a recognition of a lack of representation of POC style on campus, especially in regards to opportunities for diverse voices to express their ideas of style. We seek to provide that space, and aim to elevate marginalized identities through our platform.

We pride ourselves on our completely open contribution model, where anyone and everyone at Northwestern can contribute editorial and visual content to our platform. It’s because we feel that all voices deserve to be heard. After all, we are all kin.

Contributions center around our quarterly themes, announced on Day 1 of each and every quarter at Northwestern. All content creators with ideas centered around our quarterly theme are welcome to submit their work, no matter its level of completion. Following submission, one of our staff members will follow through with your work, making sure that you feel supported from start to finish.

Interested in being a full-time staff member? Reach out here.