Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why kin?

KIN represents the family aspects of style that we feel are often neglected in traditional narratives. Additionally, it highlights our radical inclusivity: we welcome all voices, no questions asked.

q: who can work on kin?

We welcome content from all voices, no questions asked. However, we do ask that you reach out in the case you are not a Northwestern student: since we are a Northwestern-focus collective, we wish to turn our focus mostly inward.

Q: Who is on the kin full-time staff?

We are refraining from revealing that during our early stages of work.


Q: What if i don’t have an idea for the quarterly content theme?

Reach out! We’re happy to help brainstorm with you.

Q: How do i join the kin staff?

Reach out and we’ll see if we have an opening on our staff that fits your interests and expertise!

Q: what’s so different about kin?

KIN is devoted to fostering inclusivity and elevation of marginalized voices on campus. Anyone can be a part of KIN. That willingness to open ourselves up to all voices makes us different.